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Gibson Centri Tech is recognised throughout the world as a leader in centrifugal casting machines and centrifugal casting technology. We manufacture a full range of horizontal, vertical and dual faceplate centrifugal casting machines. Each is capable of producing castings for a variety of applications including roll making, cylinder liners, reformer tubes, pipes, bearings and bushes. With 90% of our work exported we are a global supplier.


Centrifugal Casting Machine Manufacturing Experts

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Gibson Centri Tech was established in 1980 by Douglas and Martin Gibson as a centrifugal casting machine design, manufacturing and consultancy company. Gibson’s employees have a combined experience in centrifugal casting equipment of over two centuries. Gibson Centri Tech are based in Lichfield, Staffordshire.

Beginning with the careful evaluation of our customers’ requirements, we will select the most efficient centrifugal casting machine and process. Every stage of manufacture is under the company’s control and precise dimensional accuracy is assured. Prior to delivery, each machine is assembled and workshop tested to the most rigorous standards. Our extensive experience in project management and commissioning ensures that every aspect of the scheme is coordinated to meet production deadlines and all the necessary performance criteria.

There are numerous advantages from centrifugal casting over static casting and forgings in terms of cost and quality. Please contact us if you require more information on our centrifugal casting equipment.

“We understand the unique environment of the foundry and we design our centrifugal casting machines and foundry equipment accordingly”



With 90% of our equipment exported we are a global supplier!


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From process and application selection through to project management, equipment installation and training...

Centrifugal Casting Machines

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